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Who are we?

A Healthy Future for Smart Farming

​Senkor Group is a family-owned and operated corporation located east of Dallas/Fort Worth. Our enterprise is centrally located in the USA and provides its customers a dual-operation of manufacturing and distribution services that include warehousing and fulfillment from small to bulk size orders.

Founded in 2010, the team at Senkor Group aims to make farming, pond & lake management, and aquarium & hydroponic systems a lot more practical for our clients, especially those who depend on the success of their agricultural and aquaculture activities.

Devoted to client success, we aim to transform the way agriculture and aquaculture are managed, to help put our farmers at ease about their production levels as well as the future health of their farms and aquatic systems. Our technology and products were developed and based on real-time data points and collected from over thirty years of industry experience. 

Affiliated Companies

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